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WindPipe a gamechanger?

Inventor John R. Tuttle  has developped a new kind of wind energy  converter which might be a good replacer of wind turbine generators. This prototype WindPipe  is quite a bit different from the turbine generators as we know them. It has no rotating parts at all, no long churning blades or propeller and no rotating power generator hidden in a nacelle.

Vertically the  WindPipe  looking more like a crude musical instrument  with a horn-like wind capture head at one end. Because it has no spinning  blades, it  can be integrated into buildings design. It can lie on its side or lie at any angle  or in any other shape.  ‘ The windPipe can be used not only in traditional wind farm tower arrays but inside buildings and even underground with air ducted in from the winds above’  says  inventor John R. Tuttle . ‘ ‘ Windcaptures does not have have to be circularly shaped as with spinning propeller blades, capture  can be rectangular  or any other shape with the air then ducted to the energy converter system for direct energy conversion electricity.’

WindPipes  can be spaced close togheter because  there are no whirling blades.

There is no cut out wind speed. Power output in the WindPipe starts building at about 7 miles per hour of wind speed and climbs from there.  ‘Unless the WindPipe gets destroyed in a bad storm!  Vertical towers are light and easily raised up to 120 feet with a crane. All the electrical components and connections are at the bottom keeping maintenance  costs low. Also the cost of power  from the WindPipe are low. Above 14 mph, the technology is expected to produce energy from 3 to 10 times cheaper than turbines, from $3.30 per MWh to $ 0.3 per MWh, compared to the $10 per MWh of modern turbine wind towers.

It’s sounda bit  incredible but it works. But Tuttle won’t say how it’s work. So pity the inventor who wants to develop the idea into a commercial product. For getting investors interested, you have to disclose at least the principles of your invention.  He has to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) but it is not easy to find a truly interested investor  without a tidbit of information to chew on opfront.

Tuttle is master of inventions and patenting. He  is the world leading patentholder (at least 78 patents). He plans to build a 9 meter (30 foot) tall unit that can be expected to produce 900 watts of power in a 22 miles per hour breeze.  The unit could put out as much as 9 kilowatts at a stormy 44 miles  per hour. The prototype should also be prettier in white fiberglass and be more streamlined. The wind capture end will be about 3 meters, almost 10 feet in diameter.

If the WindPipe is really a breakthrough we don’t know yet. Tuttle has  to prove it. Any way there are more  inventions out there waiting to happen.