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Solar Heart converts ‘low temperature’ heat

800px-Solar_panels_on_a_roofCool Energy of Boulder, Colorado  is working at the completion and operation of the  Solar Heart engine which converts low temperature heat into electrical power. http://www.coolenergyinc.co

The  team has produced the engine near 1 kW  and will now be using a higher temperature working fluid to simulate a solar application.  And  it is expecting  to generate power in the 1,5 kW.

A good performence! Cool Energy is talking about low temperature, but don’t mention what temperature. Are we talking about heat lower than 300 C or higher ?  De “Green Turbine “works  by a low temperature of 150 C and by using Organic Rankine Cycle  it is possible to work with low temperatures of below 100 C. ( www.greenturbine.eu)