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Green Turbine has an updated website

Green Turbine has updated their website on several topics.
Do you want to know what people in your industry are saying about our turbines? Read some of our client testimonials to find out who is benefiting from our products.

Furthermore, Green Turbine has added some more information about partners and projects. We hope that these projects and inspire others to work and develop with Green Turbine technology!

Green Turbine develops micro steam turbines in the range of 1.2-15 kW. Currently, the Green Turbine 1.2 kW  version is available for sale (due to further development this version actually generates 1.4 kW) and a 15 kW version is under development.

1.2 kW turbine
Green Turbine 1.2 kW

Green Turbine also presents 15 kW model at Dutch Energy Trade Fair

Just in case you missed the opportunity to see our new 15 kW model at the Installation Fair last week, Green Turbine will also be attending the Dutch Energy Trade Fair in Den Bosch next week.

We have kindly been invited by the Dutch Steam Trade Association to present the 15 kW turbine model, at their stand (no.  01.A101) at Energie 2013.

The Dutch Steam Trade Association aims to preserve the knowledge of steam technology in the Netherlands, as well as having an intermediary role in bringing together partners in this industry. A better knowledge of handling steam systems will enhance safety , overall efficiency and energy savings.  The Dutch Steam Trade Association can act as a branch representative and also serve as a consultation body for those who require it.

For more information at the association, see their website: http://www.stoomplatform.nl

If you would like to get free tickets to the Dutch Energy Trade Fair, please send an email to:  bureau@energy-technology-services.nl  with the number of tickets you wish.

Energie 2013  takes place from Tuesday 24th to Thursday 25th September 2013.

Stand no.  01.A101

Opening hours:

Tuesday 24th September: 10.00 AM – 6.00 PM

Wednesday 25th September: 10.00 AM – 6.00 PM

Thursday 26th September: 10.00 AM – 5.00 PM


Brabanthallen, Diezekade 2, Den Bosch (the Netherlands).

Hope to see you there!

Green Turbine offers a new customization service

Green Turbine offers a new service that explores customization options. We can provide a feasibillity study that shows if and how the Green Turbine can be made suitable for your application.

For example, possible modifications for the use of deviating pressures and / or temperatures or the usage of ORC fluids.

Furthermore we are currently working on extending our consultancy services regarding steam topics. We wil be working together with field experts in this area.

Do you have an interesting question regarding your application with the Green Turbine? Please, do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation or more information.


Green Turbine presents 15 kW turbine model at Dutch Installation Trade Fair!

Date: 10 – 12th September, 2013

Stand: AITEC hall 2, stand 204,

Trade Fair website: Evenementenhal Hardenberg

We will be showcasing our 15 kW turbine model at the stand of AITEC, a specialist in heating equipment. In turn, AITEC the dealer of Magnabosco steam boilers, will be presenting the GVR 300 model steam generator.

Our 15 kW turbine is expected to be market ready by Q4 of 2013. With this turbine it will be possible to modulate and vary the output. Each nozzle is 2.5 kW. You can also range the pressure between 1 and 10 bar abs.

You are more than welcome to come and visit us at the fair!