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Competing for World’s Tallest Green Building

Taipei 101 Tower

The Taipei 101 http://www.taipei-101.com.tw/index_en.htm may be set to become  the world’s  most famous green office building. In the next 18 months the scyscraper will undergo  some major eco-upgrades in an effort to save money, reduce its impact and to make an icon of the green building industry  in Taiwan and worldwide.

After the renovation is completed the Taipei 101 will save a total of $600.000  million energy cost each year and its power and water consumption, and its wast emissions, will be reduced by 10%.

The 101-story building, completed in 2004, will undergo a renovation to update lightning, heating, cooling, and ventilations systems.  Taipei 101 already has  a comprehensive  waste recycling program, grey water recycling system,  and low energy  glass  curtain wall. With other improvements like  increasing its green landscape and replacing outdated facilities, Taipei is looking to get a LEED certification from the US Green Building Counsil that provides  a suite of standards for environmentally sustainable construction.