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Fifth phase Doe program succesfull

The  installing  and testing of thermoelectric waste heat recovering generators in BMW Group and Ford vehicles by Amerigon Incorporated, is a  critical step forward in the development of  a cost-effective energy waste heat  system and power generation  into vehicle production.

There  has been made much progress in this fifth phase of the funded program US Department Engergy (DOE), studying the use of thermoelectric systems to converte waste heat from automobile engine exhaust into electrical power.  BSST, a subsidiary of Amerigon,  is being led  this  program. The DOE program intends to  improve automobile fuel economy and supports the DOE’s objectives of reducing dependency of foreign energy imports and lowering greenhouses gas emissions while supporting the increased electrification of vehicle powertrains.  The DOE will contribute approximately $ 1,1 million in funding and BSST wil offer an additional $ 370.000 for this fifth phase of the project, which has a targeted completition date of March 31, 2010.

BSST was founded in 2000  to develope advances in themoelectric systems. It’ s  mission is to provide highly efficient, effective, and practical solid -state temperature control and power generation solutions to industry.  Through sustained research and development the team  of BSST will going on with  the technology by improving  the science of thermoelectric  technology.

BSST is working very hard to advance  the technology  of thermoelectric devices particularly as it applies to heating and cooling’ said  Amerigon President and Chief Executieve Officier Daniel R. Cooker. ‘ Their efforts  are agreeing  fully with government and private industry, aimed at pushing the variety of uses for thermoelectric technology beyond our current automotive seating application. In the next few months we hope to  report you more about the  progress with this program and others.’