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Cyclone successor of ICE?

Cyclone Power Technologies   has invented an external combustion engine with  the  same potentials  as the conventional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE).  The Cyclone, named after its inventor Harry Schoell, Chairman and CEO of Cyclone (Florida),  is a heat regenerative external combustion engine  creating mechanical energy by heating and cooling water in a closed-loop,  piston-based engine system.

Looking  like a modern day steam engine,  the Cyclone could be an excellent replacer for the ICE.  Our  conventional  piston engines  have been doing service  us for years in economies and societies.  It is  pumping water, propelling  boats and ships, digging holes,  generating electricity and driving cars.  It can be used  for many task, from mowing grass to delivering  mail.  In short, we can’t live without them.

The Cyclone can be built in any size and  can apply  for many purposes. It also runs on petroleum fuels and unfortunately  that  is a disadvantage.  For  it also contributes to the detoriating of  a global environment.   So a new type of engine would be developped that is more readily to alternative fuels. Fortunately external combustion is more leisurely. The flame or explosion burns intself out completely while still working to make the engine run and giving less pollution.

Some companies already have been applicated for a  licensing agreement  for production of the Cyclone.  It can be applied for many purposes ; to burn waste oil or to put waste heat to work, to use for solar thermal applications or in a military robot (EATR project) And maybe it could be applied for cars. We have electric cars and plug-in hybrids driving  around,  so why not  a car with an external combustion engine  or micro steam turbine under the hood ?

With  the Cyclone we are a step further in the technology  to decrease the global emissions.  Steam turbo generators  and micro CHP are new potentials out there waiting  to happen.  There is also a  micro steam turbine  1-15 kWh coming on  the market with a lot of potential.

See:   www.greenturbine.eu