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Velozzi launches micro turbine car

The new Velozzi Solo might be  a benefit for  the development of the electric car.  The crossover plug-in hybrid, manufactured bij American Velozzi,  has  an on-board micro turbine battery charger and the ability to run on almost all fuels including petrol, diesel, ethanol, brutanol, biodiesel and natural gas.  It is also  the first production car in the world that  uses a multi fuel micro turbine battery charger to recharge its lithium ion batteries.

From the start Velozzi had  in mind to build a car with its own eco-plant and it took  carbonfibre bodywork to keep its weight to a minimum while,  at the other hand wanted ‘ to create a most exquisite interior to match the exterior styling of the Solo’  according to a Velozzi statement.

‘It ‘s hard work to manufacture efficient vehicles which have antiquated types of construction, ‘ says  CEO Roberto Velozzi. ‘ Because  in fact  it  is inconceivable and counter productive. To make an efficient environmentally friendly vehicle, you need  to utilize lightweight materials to improve mpg, reduce pollution and increase safety’ .

The Solo has full speed capabilities. It should be capable of reaching 0-60 mph in less than six seconds and it should do more than 120 mpg and reaching 130 mph.

In 2007 Velozzi launched its sports car with similar technology and  hopes to have both cars in mass production by 2012.