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Offset request for quotation 15 kW turbine and skid available! (Only valid until August 1 2017!)

We are now offering customers worldwide* to sign up for an offset quotation for the next production round of the Green Turbine 15 KWe and skid.
If you sign up before August 1 2017, we can offer you a 20% reduction on the sales price of the 15 kW turbine or 15% of the 15 kW skid as advertised on our website. (The sales price of the skid is excluding steam boiler and (shell) heat exchanger. We expect a 75% payment in advance.)
1x Green Turbine 15 kWe. Optional: 2x GT15
1x Condenser
1x Vacuum pump
1x Vacuum pressure switch
1x Condensate pump
1x Cooling pump
1x Cooling flow detection switch
1x Droplet separator
1x Float operated valve
1x Thermostatic valve 100°C
1x Safety shut off valve (speed controlled)
1x Safety valve 12 bar
3x Nozzle control valve (1-6 nozzles).
1x Pressure transmitter steam
1x Temperature transmitter steam
1x Temperature transmitter condensate2x Vacuum condensate tank
1x Shut off valve between vacuum tanks
1x Breather valve for allowing pressure rise in bottom vacuum tank
1x Connections for generator cooling
1x PLC Hitachi for pump and valve control
1x HMI Exor for actual state visualization. Data logging to USB is optional.
1x TexMate speed gauge
6x Inductor for high voltage high frequency output
Electric components assembled in cabinet, with all control ready to operate system.
Feed water pump
Steam boiler, shell heat exchanger
Boiler level control
1x 15 kW grid inverter 3phase 400 V

With sufficient enrollments, manufacturing will start mid August. Delivery time will be in accordance with suppliers.

Contact us at to subscribe!
*For offers in North America and Italy, please contact our agents. See our website for details.