Pilot water treatment plant with the Green Turbine is running two months successfully

The pilot Renewable Energy in which the Green Turbine is used in a water treatment plant, is progressing well. The installation of the Green Turbine now has run two months long, day and night.

The aim of the test is to determine  the Green Turbine long-term reliability and can be used in sewage treatment Stichtse Rijnlanden in Nieuwegein.

The installation runs basically unattended, can be controlled remotely and the data can also be read remotely.

The Project for utilizing waste heat from gas engines with water treatment which is performed by the STP Stichtse Rijnlanden in Nieuwegein, aims to generate additional clean electrical energy.

The plant in Nieuwegein treats wastewater from a part of Utrecht.For purification heat is necessary to maintain  the fermentation process. The fermentation produces methane gas, which is used to run a gas engine. The engine generates electricity and heat needed for fermentation.

The Green Turbine runs on  the waste heat of a gas engine. Besides the endurance tests, also  the automatic control system is tested.

Waterboard Stichtse Rijnlanden is very enthusiastic about the results.


foto van Petra Veldhuis.
photo: Petra Veldhuis

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