Trainee Harm van der Velden takes job at Green Turbine

We, as the GT team, are very happy to hear that our intern technical student Harm van der Velden has accepted a job with GT and AE Magnetics.

Harm van der Velden has has been assisting Green Turbine for several months with the technical development of the steam turbines. Last month he graduated veru successfully his study Thermodynamics with a high final mark of 8,5.

Harm was a master student Mechanical Engineering at the The Technical University in Eindhoven. His master master thesis presentation was called: Performance Verification of a Double Steam Turbine for Electricity Generation” a study about the Waste Heat Recovery Applications with the GT.

He liked his internship very much: “I have chosen this study because I’m very interested in Thermodynamics. But unfortunately I could nof find a internship for there are too little companies where I could graduate in my case. Now I saw my opportunity at Green Turbine which is specialised in waste heat recovery with steam turbines.”

The team of Green Turbine is very proud of Harm and wish him success with his future work.

Harm’s scription is available for customers, so if you’re interested let us know : mail to

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