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Trainee Harm van der Velden takes job at Green Turbine

We, as the GT team, are very happy to hear that our intern technical student Harm van der Velden has accepted a job with GT and AE Magnetics.

Harm van der Velden has has been assisting Green Turbine for several months with the technical development of the steam turbines. Last month he graduated veru successfully his study Thermodynamics with a high final mark of 8,5.

Harm was a master student Mechanical Engineering at the The Technical University in Eindhoven. His master master thesis presentation was called: Performance Verification of a Double Steam Turbine for Electricity Generation” a study about the Waste Heat Recovery Applications with the GT.

He liked his internship very much: “I have chosen this study because I’m very interested in Thermodynamics. But unfortunately I could nof find a internship for there are too little companies where I could graduate in my case. Now I saw my opportunity at Green Turbine which is specialised in waste heat recovery with steam turbines.”

The team of Green Turbine is very proud of Harm and wish him success with his future work.

Harm’s scription is available for customers, so if you’re interested let us know : mail to

Stagiair Harm van der Velden blijft Green Turbine assisteren

Wij als team van Green Turbine, zijn heel blij dat stagiair Harm van der Velden  heeft besloten ons te blijven helpen bij het verder ontwikkelen en bouwen van onze kleine stoomturbines.

Harm werkte al enige maanden als stagiair bij AE Magnetics te Sprang Capelle. Verleden maand  heeft hij zijn afstudeerperiode succesvol afgerond met een  cijfer 8,5. Harm gaat nu bij AE Magnetics BV aan de slag, maar heeft ook besloten Green Turbine te blijven assisteren bij de verdere ontwikkeling.

Harm van der Velden was a master student Mechanical Engineering aan de TU in Eindhoven. Hij is afgestudeerd met een stage en scriptie over het Green Turbine Waste Heat Recovery System bij AE Magnetics BV  in samenwerking met Green Turbine.

De naam van zijn scriptie is: Performance Verification of a Double Steam Turbine for Electricity Generation in waste heat recovery applications. De afstudeerscriptie is exclusief voor klanten beschikbaar en op te vragen bij Green Turbine BV.

Harm vond zijn stage erg leuk en interessant. “Ik heb gekozen voor een studie Thermodynamica maar er zijn niet zoveel bedrijven in Nederland waarbij ik kon afstuderen. Nu met Green Turbine zag ik mijn kans.”

Het team van Green Turbine is heel trots op Harm en wenst hem heel veel succes toe!

Eight maritime innovators to pitch at SMM in Hamburg

Over 2100 exhibitors presenting their innovation in the maritime sector will gather in Hamburg from 6th until 9th September 2016 at theSMM, the leading maritime trade fair held regularly every two years. SME Instrument will be present with eight most innovative companies in the field.


Our champions will introduce their work and plans in a short pitch, so dont miss the unique opportunity to meet them on Thursday 8th September at 5:15 pm, Hall B7, Room B7.1 at the Hamburger Messe. SMM covers the whole of the value chain of the maritime industries, bringing together the decision makers from all parts of the world, as a platform for innovation. More than 50 thousand visitor are expected.

Innovo is an independent manufacturing and engineering company from UK.  It provides high value professional services and high technology equipment for subsea telecommunication, offshore renewables, oil & gas and marine business scenarios.

Sup4Nav is a spin-off company of Maritime University of Szczecin, Poland, with the aim to offer best support for navigation.

Bepart BV is a company from the Netherlands that specialises in developing and manufacturing small steam turbines. Their project Green Turbine WHR System is linked to the development of a Waste Heat Recovery System that converts flue gasses of a diesel-, gas- or fuel cell engine into electricity. With this product Bepart focusses on the shipping market and its suppliers.

UAB Medium Group is a Lithuanian company in the field of design and development of transport control and monitoring systems.

Optixmarine AB is a Swedish company specialised in marine powertrain efficiency. Their team of experienced experts for ship optimisation developed a patent pending gearbox “Optixdrive” – allowing lower fuel consumption with up to 25% for ships with shaft generator.Optixmarine exhibits on SMM in Hamburg 6-9 September in Hall B3.OG stand 113.

Croatian SME TEMA Automatizacija u industriji d.o.o. is manufacturing premium efficiency motors and generators in permanent magnet technology in power range from 10W – 1200KW per unit.

Promatech Maritime Technologies, founded in 2010 in Istanbul, is a leading R&D and innovation focused SME developing disruptive software and engineering solutions for the maritime and shipbuilding industry.This website is not accessible

Rovalma is a technological leader in the field of development and supply of advanced materials. Rovalma is the inventor of high thermal conductivity tool steels and other advanced tool solutions for highly demanding application.