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Supreme Court limits greenhouse gas regulations


A divided Supreme Court blocked the Obama administration Monday from requiring permits for greenhouse gas emissions from new or modified industrial facilities, but the ruling won’t prohibit other means of regulating the pollutant that causes global warming.

The court’s conservative wing ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency exceeded its authority by changing the emissions threshold for greenhouse gases in the Clean Air Act to regulate more stationary sources. That action can only be taken by Congress, Justice Antonin Scalia’s opinion said.

But the court said the EPA can regulate greenhouse gas emissions from industries already required to get permits for other air pollutants. Those generally are the largest power plants, refineries and other industrial facilities responsible for most such emissions.

The decision only removed one method the administration uses to regulate greenhouse gas emissions at power plants, refineries and other stationary sources, leaving other methods in place. That means the administration can move ahead with its new regulations on existing coal-fired power plants, which are intended to cut emissions by 30% from 2005 levels by 2030.

Update on the 15 kW Green Turbine!

Green Turbine has nearly finished testing the 15 kW turbine  model and  we are pleased to inform that everything is going according to our schedule. The prototype testing of this model is being done in cooperation with our partner AE Magnetics. We shall be accepting orders on September 1st 2014.

Currently tests are being done all over the world with our previously released turbine version: the 1.4 kW.  This model has been on the market for two years now and has great potential for being used in smaller applications such as biomass run systems or automobiles. The 15 kW turbine, also manufactured in The Netherlands, is an up-scaled version of this model.  This makes the model very suitable for larger applications in various industries.

Eefje Post, account manager at Green Turbine explains: ” Turbines of this size (1.4 kW or 15 kW)  had previously not been on the market, which makes our product unique. The turbine is being sold as a ‘building block’ to system integrators who can develop complete applications with it.  Any fuel type can be used to power the turbine,due to the external combustion process, for instance (bio) gas, wood pellets, grasses, heat from solar concentrators, diesel engines, gas turbines etc. This makes them widely applicable for a variety of industries, from the agriculture sector and biomass industries to the construction, shipping and automobile industry. ““Knowledge of  steam technology is becoming rare nowadays , but especially in this time of energy conservation, steam turbines are, once again, becoming relevant”, Eefje adds.

The 15kW turbine can play an important role in decentralised energy systems. which need to be able to  generate energy off the grid. Apartment buildings and small companies can convert their heat into electricity, combined with renewable systems such as,  biomass boilers and solar panels. The heat released from the condenser can be used as space or floor heating, water heating and cooling.

The upcoming market of the waste heat recovery also has a great suitability for our products. Currently, several companies in the automobile industry are performing experiments using our turbines in  trucks and hybrid cars. Hybrid cars with Green Turbine can extend their range by 20% by capturing waste heat from engine exhaust and converting it to electricity.

The turbine will been offered on a skid with surroundings components like vacuum pump, condenser supplied with a control cabinet.

Here you can see a video of the test setup.

For more information about the 15kW turbine,  please email us at