Marine Solar Cells soak up energy from sun and waves

The British industrial designer Phil Pauley has come up with a new concept to generate energy from both the sun and the waves. The design is an off-shore solar installation and a web of floating cells that are connected in a web-like array.

This hybrid installation would increase efficiency of the solar panels due to the reflection of sunlight beaming off the water, according to Pauley enabling the panels to capture 20% more solar power. The concept, called Marine Solar Cells, can function as off-shore energy batteries or power plants.

The design could be largely constructed from recycled materials. There are no plans as yet for the Marine Solar Cells to be used in a commercial application.

Pauley is not the first Brit that is working on hybrid forms of energy generation. British scientists are currently working on the developement of a generator that captures energy from the wind, rain and sun.

Watch the Youtube video of the Marine Solar Cells



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