Energy from footsteps

Everytime someone walks, or dances, over a Pavegen tile, renewable energy is harvested from the footstep. This technology developed in part by Laurence Kemball-Cook, converts human traversal into electricity. Twenty PaveGen tiles will be placed along the central crossing between London’s Olympic stadium and the recently opened Westfield Stratford City mall.

PaveGen, a UK-based company that makes the electricity-generating slabs, will be making their first big commercial appearance during the Olympics in 2012. The tiles are expected to generate enough electricity to power at least half of the malls outdoor lighting needs.

The waterproof tiles are made from 100 percent recycled rubber and marine grade stainless steel. Each tile is reported to have a life span of 5 years or 20 million steps. When the tile is stepped on, a central light illuminates as a friendly reminder to the pedestrian that they are helping generate 2.1 watts of electricity per hour. The technology was demonstrated at the Bestival on the Isle of Wight where it was part of a dance floor that generated electricity as 50,000 people were dancing over a four-day run.



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