The Wood Burning Beaver XR7

Chip Beam, the owner and operater of Beaver Energy, LLC, Has modified the car from a Mercury Cougar XR7 and named it the ‘Wood Burning Beaver XR7’ named after the rodent that loves to put his teeth in wood. It runs on wood, or indeed any other organic material, through a process called gasification.

Gasification is the converting of organic elements into gas. This car uses organic material, decomposes it by using a furnace burning at 2400 F. The charcoal-type material produced releases hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane gases that are sent through high temperature chambers. Thereafter the gases are cleaned, cooled and released into the Beaver’s engine.

This car runs on wood and other organic material, including grass and rabbit pellets. You can even use cow dung or, its creator says: soak rubbish in water and press it into the form of bricks that can then be used to run the car. About 10kg of wood would power the car for 36km.

Because the car’s factory engine is still powering the vehicle, all the car’s original accessories still function. The radio, air-conditioning, power windows and safety equipment all work as they were designed. If you are thinking of having your own; The Beaver XR7 costs $2.000 to convert. A stainless steel rustproof version would cost about $6.000.

The downside of this car is that the amount of energy stored in a wood pellet isn’t nearly as much as that stored in gasoline. Also the visibility in the mirror isn’t very good due to the added stratified downdraft gasifier on the back of the car. But I suppose it works wonders for those that no longer see any use for the trees in their back garden.


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