Power cars with the oil from cornish pasties

Cornish pasties are to be used to power cars after a green fuel company in the UK’s North East Lincolnshire announced plans to use them to make biodiesel.

The fuel firm Greenergy is to take pasties, pies, crisps and other food which are past their sell-by date, overcooked or misshapen and extract the oil they contain. The food waste that is not suitable for sale and will otherwise end up at the landfill is now purified and mixed with diesel. These food products, which can contain between 25% and 30% oil and fat, are sourced from a variety of food manufacturers in the UK.

The company, which produces 10 billion litres of biodiesel and diesel annually, is investing £50million in its production facility in Immingham, Lincolnshire, to process used cooking oils . The company’s chief executive, Andrew Owens, said: “We’ve always tried to find ways of reducing the environmental impact of our fuel and as oil prices continue to rise, it’s obviously important to develop alternative sources of fuel. “The quantities of biodiesel that we’re currently producing from solid food waste are small, but we’re expecting to scale up so that this soon becomes a significant proportion of our biodiesel”, he added.

via: BBC News

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