Grant for TURPEL Project Green Turbine and SMO

The Flemish government agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT) has provided Dutch company GREEN TURBINE and the Belgian company SMO with a subsidy for the project TURPEL (turbine /pellet stove).
The project focuses on developing a pellet stove that generates electricity and heat using a small micro steamturbine.

Green Turbine has made an agreement with SMO, an machine shop and engineering company, to enable further development of the Green Turbine.
The Green Turbine is a small light-weight turbo generator, having a relatively high efficiency.
This micro turbo generator is a compact steam turbine, with an output in the range of 1-15 kW. The turbine uses proven technology to capture waste heat from a fuel source i.e. fossil fuel, solar PV or biogas. The heat is being used to provide steam for the turbine, which in turn, converts the steam into electricity.

The second new technology is a stove which burns woodpellets. It produces, in conjunction with the turbine, electricity and heat for an entire household.
This combination of the turbine with the pellet stove provides an environmentally friendly and efficient solution.

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