General Electrics providing steam turbine for plant in Peru

General Electric Co. is providing a steam turbine under contracts worth more than $40 million in order to help Peru’s biggest thermoelectric plant run better.

GE said last week that its 207D-11 steam turbine will be used at the Kallpa Generacion power plant in Chilca, Peru, in conjunction with three existing gas turbines. This will bring the site’s total output to about 850 megawatts.

“The 207D-11 steam turbine will use steam generated by exhaust energy from the gas turbines in a bottoming cycle, helping Peru meet its need for more power more efficiently,” Roberto Yepes, director of the Andean Region for GE Energy, said in a statement.

GE, which also announced that it will invest more than $2 billion in China, will also provide maintenance services and spare parts for the project as part of its contracts.

The steam turbine is expected to ship in the first quarter of 2011, with commercial operation expected by 2012’s first quarter.

Via: BussinessWeek

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