Morgan LIFECar2 built on high performance

Morgan Company  is ready to go to production with the LIFECar 2. Three years ago they have built  a hydrogen fuell car and now have  moved   its original  form to a diesel electric hybrid for practically and increased range. This unusual car is a very interesting addition to the growing hybrid population and one of the few that uses a diesel-electric drive train, which has the capability of being more efficient than gasolie.

The original fuel cells have been removed and replaced with a small diesel engine to provide power. This gives LIFECar a 1,000 mile range (rather than 250) at 50 miles per gallon, while retaining many of the other specs on the original.

The car is ultra lightweight thanks to innovative components and use a lot of aluminium for this sport coupe. It weighs in at only 800kg (1,760 pounds), has 15 miles of all-electric range, and does 0-60mph in only 7 seconds.

The styling is very classic with an unusal V-top opening  (rather than doors). The seats are made from composite board in leather and amenities are sparse to save weight. All materials used in the vehicle’ s build as sustainable as possible and made for easy recycling.

Morgan doesn’t now the price tag yet, but usually builds to order. So sales could be unlimited.


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