Mira EV beat record by traveling 1000 km on a single charge.

Electric vehicles have been long handicapped for long-distance travel by the limited battery power. But now Mira EV has created a world record with completing 1000 km run on a single battery charge non-stop, powered by Sanyo’s lithium-ion battery systems. The long marathon, organised by Japan Electric Vehicle Club,  took place on the world’s longest race course in Japan and was accomplished by a relay team of 17-auto-racers from a training school in Ibraki.

Mira EV had already once run for 555,6 km nonstop without recharging last november. But now traveling for 27.5 hours at 40 km/h average speed,  the trail run by Mira EV was powered by putting together 8320 cylindrical lithium-ion 18650-type batteries.

It is a fantastic record.  But  a speed of 40 km/h  is rather low. Maybe the  average consumer is more happy to have an electric car which can cover that 1000 kms at 80 km/h average speed with a single charge. However the battery technology is going to improve  dramatically in the future, which will make electrics competitive with ICE vehicles.



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