SP River pump simple, cheap and esthetic

The technician  Vladimir Markovic has invented  a pump system which works in relatively slow and shallow moving water (rivers) to pump water for irrigation. This self-propelled pump operates with 3 pairs of propelling wings with a diameter of 2,4 meters. A triple-peristaltic submergible pump kan deliver nearly 300,000 litres of water per day.

The  Slovenian design works very simple; the moving water lifts the blade to provide push if going in the same direction, or pushes the blade down so the water flows over it if moving in the opposite direction. The pump brings air into the water to oxygenate, cleans up a river or pumps water for driving an electric generator.

The return on investment for capitalization costs is around 2,5 years and the device is estimated to last ten years. A very simple design, cheap to manufacture and esthetic, as working parts are hidden from view. Although the pump supposedly could not provide clean energy, it is a price point many times cheaper than the cheapest grid power presently available!



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