Bloom box hype or breakthrough?

‘Energy in a box’ so describes K.R. Sridhar, CEO of Bloom Energy, his new invention. The Bloom box is a new kind of fuel cell, which produces electricity by combining oxygen  in the air with every kind of fossil, such as solar energy, propane and naturel gas. About ten years a Bloom box is  sufficient to provide every modern house for electricity.

There is still not much known about the ‘new fuel cell of the future’. Bloom Energy is a bit mysterious about the technology.  But we already know  that  the core element of this technology is sand, from which  fuel cells are being  manufactered.  There is no combustion and the chemical reaction is efficient and clean.  In stead of using  the device generates oxygen.  

The energy which Bloom Eenergy generates is not cheaper than the energy in the  power plants. The cost for generation one kWh electricity is six to eight cent, compared to four euro cent by European power plants. Yet the consumer profits more  from a Bloom Box, because there are no service costs and electricity transportation costs. At this moment the price of a large Bloom energy server is 700.000 to 800.000 dollar, but within five to ten years there are smaller Bloom boxes which shall have a price less than 3.000 dollar.

Is the Bloom box a hype or a breakthrough in the industrial energy ? Critics assert that, if Sridhar succeeds  to make the technology affordable  and efficient , that it is easy for other companies to copy this. There are some questions which have to be answered such as; how long will the fuel cells  last? And is application with solar energy or biomass possible? And what is the reaction of the power plants, would they reject the Bloom box or are they willing to sell them?


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