Turning the tide

SeaGen is the first tidal current or wave system in the world that has exceeded a 1.000 hours of operation.  This 1-2 MW tidal current turbine is  the largest megawatt scale grid-connected marine renewable energy system that has achieved a capacity of 66%  and  so far delivered 800Mwh to the National Grid.  The prototype, designed and deployed by Marine Current Turbines Ltd (MCT), based in Bristol (England), is operating in Northern Ireland’s Strangford Lough.

MCT reports  that the tidal turbine delivers energy on average at the same rate to be expected from a wind turbine of approximately twice the rate power.   ‘Performance has exceeded expectations,  largely thanks to the intensity of the Stranford Lough tide race and the company’s own conservative design predictions.  Furthermore, output is totally predictable.

‘We are delighted with SeaGen’s performance ‘ said Martin Wright MCT’ ‘s Managing Director. ‘Passing the 1,000 hours mark is a great milestone which not only demonstrates  the potential for tidal power , but will also help to reinforce confidence in extracting energy from the seas in the future’.

MCT hopes to gain consent for continuous ’24/7′ operation before the summer. In the next few weeks the company  also plans to run SeaGen under supervison of specialists from DNV (Det Norsk Veritas) one of the  world’s leading marine classification societes, to obtain independent verification of its performance.




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