Fujitsu’s zero-watt PC, a power-saving miracle?

The Esprimo Green is Fujitsu’s new solution for green machines. This zero-watt PC marks a first, able to use no power while standby mode. Even though the computer uses no power in standby mode, Fujitsu say it can still be managed with LAN, Bluetooth, and UMTS.  A demonstration will  be showed  during CeBIT on March 3rd- 8th in Hannover Germany.

Turning your PC off before going home could see a significant saving in energy use over a 12 month periode.  Doing that across an office of hundreds is surely going to cut costs noticably. But how is it possible to have a computer that is asleep and draws truly zero Watts?  Could the modification be something as simple as including low level SSD to save memory state and a BIOS level interaction to perform the equivalent of a laptop suspend to disk  ‘function’?  

There are a couple of ways to operate a soft power  that don’t  constant power supply; have a capacitor store just enough power to kick-start a physical switch in the power supply, pressing the soft on button on the front flips the switch or make the front power switch a mini-generator/linear motor. In the case of the Macbook Pro, the deeper sleep state includes saving enough state that you can survive complete powerloss and battery removal. Or has Futjitsu a battery someplace to provide the low amount of power needed to wake the system up again when needed?

The key draw of Fijitsu’s Esprimo Green is the fact it happens automatically meaning the cost saving is assured, unless you change the standby feature of course. Fujitsu is adding a premium to the sale price of these machines because of this new zero-watt feature. For one, the economic climate means business won’t pay a premium for new hardware, plus it would wipe out the short-term gains from the reduced energy costs of using them.


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