Tires that change shapes…..

Environmental  friendly driving is not only a matter of  using  less fossil fuels or reducing your emissions. Very important are also the parts of the car which can contribute to a cleaner environment.  Imagine, you have a tire which can change its shape to that best suited for the conditions of the road.   This shape of the tire contains green benefits too in the form of reduced travel times to increased fuel efficiency.  And no problems with  flat tires which you have to change  in a most unlikely place!

Scientists are trying to develop tires that change shapes according to the conditions of the road. For example, farmers often have to traverse  in rough terrain and there  tires can help them in combating the problem attached with soil compaction caused by current wheel designs.   This problem has another add on too. Soil compaction leads towards losses in agricultural production nearing 20%. Tires can also be helpful in roads that are facing the problem of flooding or have mud, rocks, holes or sand.  The  remoldable wheels can easily adjust themselves to newer height and width on command.


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