Commute Greener!

We all generate carbon emissions when we commute to work.  To find out how much CO2 we  actually release in the atmosphere and how we can reduce  it,  we can use the “Commute Greener”.  This tool  is accessed through a mobile phone or a web site on the internet, enabling the user quickly to see by how much carbon dioxyde emissions are reduced of increased.

A commuter who downloads the apllication “Commute Greener” from the iPhone App Store, for example, can use the mobile telephone to register the methods of transport that are used for commuting to and from work. The computer program calculates how much carbon dioxide is emitted when using different modes to transport, such as the car, train, bus,

Commute Greener has already been launched within the Volvo Group. “Our test have shown that individuals can quickly reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by more than 30 per cent using it “, says Magnus Holmqvist at Volvo IT.

The same tool will now make it possible for 2000 employees within the City of Gothenburg to understand the most efficient and environmentally sound way to commute in any given scenario, and change their commuting habits.

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