AirRay car too green to be true

It is the most ground breaking invention to date;  a solar and wind powered car which will generate enough energy to reduce or eliminate your electric bill and eventually allow your car  to solely run on electric. The AirRay is the dream of every car maker.

EarthSure recently unveiled its new design for which a patent is pending.  They believe the AirRay car will become the new  ‘Car of the future.’ With a roof consist of solar honeycomb-membrane panel that is laced seamlessly into the frame of the car and wind turbines on the front which run on the wind flow,  generated by AirRay’s aerodynamic design, the car can supposedly rush  on just solar and wind energy,  not ever needed any drop of petrol or diesel.

The energy the car creates through the solar panels  and the wind turbines will be enough for the automobile to run  without worry of losing power. The airRay car not only turns air and light into energy, but will turn a lot of heads too.  But what to do it is cloudy for many days or  there is not a breath of wind?


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