New CHP boiler cost and energy efficient

The Combined and Heat Power systems are a  efficient energy source. The new domestic CHP boiler provides a central heating and hot water system, like  a traditional Combi-boiler, but also producing  electricity simultaneously.  Consumers will save on cost, not only on their electricity bill, but also they may able to sell unused electricity back to the local grid of the proposed Government Clean Energy Back Scheme.  So the total energy cost is reduced.  There are also less carbon emissions overall, because the energy produced by the boiler is used twice, once for heating the home and its water supply and once for generating electricity.

The Baxi Ecogen is already on the market. The new CHP boiler is generating both a domestic heating and electricity supply.  In appearance it is similar to a conventional wall hung unit and has  low noise levels. The Baxi Ecogen has been rewarded for its energy efficiency.

There is also a Worcester Bosch boiler being developed, which is expected to be on sale in 2011. This new boiler has a free piston Sterling engine and does not require any maintance  during the life of the unit.  It is very environmental friendly, for the heat released from the unit during the production of electricity is utilised for heating the home including the water supply.

“The development of the CHP boilers represent a significant boost to the Government plans for tackling climate changes as wel as a change for consumers to save on household bills’, says David Holmes  from Gasboilers Guide comments.”  The boilers bring nummerous benefits to the consumer through financial and environmental savings. I’m also interested to see if other manufactures follow the lead of Baxi and Worcester”

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