Solon solar powered passenger ship

Berlin’s mayor Klaus Wowereit  has formal launched  the first  passengership deriving its power from solar energy.  The SOLON  is a zero emission ship, producing  clean and green energy and running  on alternative fuels. It is manufactured by Solon SE a  Berlinbased solar company.

cruiseshipOn the roof of the ship are installed 24 solar modules with a capacity of 5,6 kWp.  They take care of the  energy needs of the  ship.  The ship has also the distinction of first solar charging station for solar powered boats in the Kopenick district of Berlin.  SolarWaterWorld AG,  the  manufacturer en operator  of it, is working together with Solon SE. . Both companies  have more than 17 years of experience in the research  and developping of solar shipping.  ‘We are pleased  that in Solon SE we have a strong partner that is involved  in the wideranging expansion of climate-friendly solar mobility’  says CEO Thomas Meyer.  ‘ The future belongs to solar mobility and whether its on road, rails or water,  SOLON is one of the main drivers of this development.’

The  solar ship will provide accomodation for 60 passengers. It  will sail on Berlin’s waterways  and offer tours of the city and cruise  trips.  It is the most greenhouse emitting clean ship  for inlands tours that will make the trip environment friendly.   Though the ship is costly, Solon SE is trying to make it easy on pocket too. Anyway, it has the advantage to remain uneffected by fluctuations in future fuel price.

In 2006/2007  a  prototype of this craft completed its first Atlantic crossing to New York.  SolarWaterWorld now manufacturers and sells production built C-60 catamarans worldwide. Also a smaller version in the form of the Suncat23 is for sale. The possibility to sail without licence makes it appropiate  to use by boat hire companies.


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