Ceramic rotors will be tested in lab

The high temperature ceramic rotors, developped by Kyocera Industrial Ceramics, have been sent to an unnamed national research lab for testing. They will be applied in engine development of a three-kilowatt electrical generator.

The rotors, now in a development state, could provide a competive alternative to the internal combustion engine. They are very small, about 2,5 inches in diameter and made of silicon nitride. They will be used in a new gas turbine engine. Gas turbines have better fuel effinciency and fewer emissions. Also ceramic components operate with much higher temperature than metal components.

Over the next ten years portable three-kilowatt turbogenerators are expected to be used in land and air applications.


1 thought on “Ceramic rotors will be tested in lab

  1. hi. ive been thinking about an all ceramic turbine steam engine using plastice lubricants for use in cars motorcycles etc. ive checked and all formulas seem to be on the shelf + some . check ceramics /polymers most up to date data manuels will easily confirm this. ps. how fast can modern electricks boil a ltr of water really .fast

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